UPDATE: I’ve done a new animation which is essentially a zoom of only the seal which allows finer details to be seen. It’s available at the end of this post below the link for the full size version.

Claim: The embossed seal size on the Obama COLB is smaller than the embossed seal on the Michele COLB.

Over on TexasDarlin, reader El seems to feel that the embossed seal on the Obama COLB is smaller than that of the Michele COLB. El posts a three image panel over at Photobucket which shows the Obama seal in the middle.

It’s not a very good image for comparative purposes as the Obama seal is not only offset from the reference seals, but the panel with the Obama seal actually cuts off a portion of the bottom of the seal, though this isn’t immediately obvious.

So to get a more definitive answer, I borrowed the edge-detected image posted on Polarik’s blog which gives the best image of the Obama seal I have seen to date.

I then flipped the image to negative so that the seal image appears dark on light.

Then I borrowed this image, also from Polarik’s blog, of the Michele COLB which has had the seal embossing enhanced with a little pencil lead.

I cropped out the upper portion of the image and converted it to grayscale.

Next I set the Michele COLB’s image to 50% transparency and aligned it to match up the border, printed seal, and text elements of the edge-detected Obama COLB.

The embossed seals aren’t in the exact same location on both COLBs so once everything had been aligned and checked, I then shifted the Michele COLB to line its embossed seal up with the Obama embossed seal, going back and forth with the transparency slider and tweaking the location to get the most precise overlay.

The two embossed seals are identical in size.

I produced a simple animated GIF to provide an illustration you can see for yourself. It was made by progressing the transparency of the Michele COLB from fully transparent to fully opaque in 20% increments.

It’s available here: sealsize.gif

The zoomed version is available here: sealsizezoom.gif