Over on TexasDarlin, Polarik says (via texasdarlin):

Look at the criss-cross lines that are to the left of CHILD’S NAME on both COLB’s — they do not line up at all.

I assume what is meant here is that the lines of the Michele COLB don’t line up with the lines of the Obama COLB. In which case, no, they don’t line up. They can’t quite line up because the pitch of the lines in the Obama COLB is somewhat greater than the pitch of the lines in the Michele COLB. In other words, the spacing between lines is different. The lines are spaced a little farther apart in the Obama COLB compared to the Michele COLB.

Plus, it is also darned suspicious that we can only see every other line clearly, and many more lines that cannot to be seen. We can see definite, tight crisscross lines on the other five COLB borders, but not on BHO.

Actually it’s not every other line that can be seen clearly, it’s every third line which cannot be seen clearly.

And I don’t see this in and of itself necessarily being suspicious, particularly given the grayish cast that exists within the boundaries of the border. The Obama border may have been printed using some sort of halftone overlay which could possibly account for the “wispy” nature of the lines, the gray cast over the border and the every third line phenomenon.

How exactly does one reproduce a COLB with jet black letters, jet black seal, white text on jet black bars, on top and bottom, but the BEST that we can see on the BHO’s borders are dark gray lines that are not even consistently colored!

Maybe because the Obama COLB had a different border than those of previous and subsequent COLBs?

Polarik’s claim has been that someone took someone else’s genuine COLB, scrubbed only the original names (leaving everything else alone) and then “clevery” added the Obama information.

However if that was the case, then there would be absolutely no reason to do anything to the borders.

So here again it seems Polarik is making an argument that defeats his previous argument.