While waiting for techdue’s much anticipated full analysis of the Obama COLB, I went back to peruse some of the things he has already said.

Over on Atlas Shrugs, he writes:

Just a (not so) quick early evening response to directorblue who said “For one thing, you are comparing two different certificate patterns.”…

Well of course, that was the point of my analysis which seems to have been lost on a few individuals. Both certificates are printed with the OHSM 1.1 (Rev. 11/01) LASER identifier with the revision dates being identical [11/01]. If there was a new or modified certificate security pattern introduced there would also be a different revision date indicating that it had been revised after November 2001. Some people are apparently under the mistaken impression that the security border printing will just change once and a while or perhaps some folks may just never really understand the issue. As consistency and precision are the keys to spotting forgeries it is extraordinarily unlikely – perhaps even to the point of impossibility – that the revision numbers would be the same while containing different “certificate patterns”.

Extraordinarily unlikely? Perhaps even to the point of impossibility?

Well, thanks to the release of the Michele COLB, we now have the unique opportunity to prove the extraordinarily unlikely: