Today TexasDarlin responded to my “What is TexasDarlin REALLY Hiding? (Follow The Money)” post.

I replied, but of course it was not allowed to be posted. I didn’t think it would be so I saved it so it could be posted here if need be. So here it is:


Note to Koyann, who is openly trying to OUT me on his blog.

You are funny trying to track me down like that.

Here’s a tip:

All the NQ writers use that email address so that correspondence from readers is routed to one place. We are all different people. idiot.

But keep trying to openly OUT me on your stupid blog, and put my life at risk. It’s the Obama way. Right?

Why are you so upset? I did nothing in my post on my blog that you do not practice here on a daily basis. However I didn’t go quite as far as you do.

For example, “Obama Hides Indonesian Identity: Fake Birth Certificate Explained” and “Obama Lies About His Birth Records, Identity, and Religious Background” are both declarative statements of fact.

Yet their foundation is just “what if” theories supported by nothing more than speculation.

That’s the sort of thing one expects from cheap supermarket tabloids. Do you not strive for standards any higher than that?

All I did was cast a little suspicion your way. And why should you have a problem with that? Again, you practice that here on a daily basis. Is what you obviously feel is good enough for others somehow not good enough for you?

As far as “OUT”ing you and putting your life at risk, please, dispense with the melodrama. But why should anyone care about that anyway when you obviously don’t care about what risk you may be putting others at with the wild speculations you try passing off as fact here?

Again, we seem to have a case where what’s good enough for others isn’t good enough for you.

As for raising money for my blog, YES, I need it because I have been working round the clock in pursuit of the truth, and not getting compensated while my real-life business suffers.

In pursuit of the truth? Hardly.

Those in pursuit of the truth are not afraid of sunlight. Those in pursuit of the truth seek the sunlight and don’t selectively censor legitimate views and opinions. That’s because those who actually are in pursuit of the truth know two important things.

One is that they know the truth may not necessarily be what they’d like it to be. The other is that they know that the best way to get at the truth is through open dialog and even debate.

Those who censor are demonstrably not in pursuit of the truth but instead are in pursuit of an end, and will attempt to justify any means to achieve it.

And while the reason you give for the “susanunpc” thing may well be correct, who cares? It’s not relevant because it’s not about pursuing the truth. It’s about using unsubstantiated speculation to effectively manufacture suspicion in order to achieve some end.

It’s about what you practice here day in and day out. If it’s good enough for others, why should you take umbrage when you’re on the receiving end?

I truly wish you were in pursuit of the truth. I could be a very good ally in such a pursuit. But you’re not, and this comment will likely get dumped and you’ll continue on with your manufacturing operation.


While my comment was not posted, she has “summarized” it in a comment and responded to it. I’ll post my response to that in a subsequent comment.