Although I must have noticed it before, I guess I never really gave much thought to the “Support TD’s blog:” on the right side of the page, followed by a little PayPal donate icon.

However in her recent post she brings it front and center when she writes “Meanwhile, this blog could use some fuel. Please help us stay alive and active by donating if you can…”

Some fuel? For what? It costs nothing to start a WordPress blog. What, did she quit her day job so she could blog full time? What exactly is this money going toward?

A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Neal Krawetz posted on his blog that TexasDarlin used the EMail address “” and noted that this address was also associated with a SusanUnPC, Susan Hu, and Harriet Christian.

If you Goggle this EMail address, you’ll find that it’s also associated with other names and blogs. For example:

Email: Site:

Email: Site:

By medusacloseAuthor: medusa Name: Email: Site:

Name: Lady Boomer Email: Site:

Email: Site:

Name: D. Cupples Email: Site:

Name: Uppity Woman Email: Site:

Name: fdrjim fdrjim Email: Site:

Email: Site:

I then recalled that back when Neal had written his post, I’d done some searching on “Susan Hu” and came across a post on NoQuarter from August of last year saying Susan Hu needed help. While it’s byline is SusanUnPC, it’s supposedly written by “Leslie, a regular contributor to this blog.”

It tells the story of how Susan Hu can barely walk, that she needs a hip replacement, that she needs dental work done before the operation and that it will be very expensive. Here is the last paragraph of that post:

Susan Hu’s predicament is one of many caused by our nation’s failure to provide health care for its citizens. Because she is one of “our own” netroots family, I am asking you to contribute what you can today to support Susan Hu and help her come back to the front lines of the blogosphere and realize her dreams of renewed health and strength. If we can raise $4,000 to keep her afloat until she comes back, we will be doing a lot for this member of OUR community. We can do this for Susan Hu. Go here now, go to “Send Money” and enter Susan’s email address: Thank you.

The “Go here now” links to PayPal.

So someone created a PayPal account linked to address, an address which is tied to numerous other names and blogs, including TexasDarlin.

PayPal information says that the account was created August 25, 2007. It is a verified, Premier account and shows transactions with 122 verified buyers.

Who is TexasDarlin? Who is at the other end of that susanunpc GMail account? Who is behind all the other names and blogs associated with it? Who was the recipient of the money sent to the PayPal account linked to that address?