Techdude just can’t seem to make up his mind.

In his recent report, Techdude details the location of what he claims was the original printing on the Obama COLB as shown in this image.

However as I point out in my Maya’s Split Personality post, TexasDarlin reader KG places things in a different location and claims to have made out the text of Obama’s sister and Techdude verified KG’s result giving us two different versions of “The Truth According to Techdude.”

And while we wait for Techdudes promised “final report” on the Obama COLB issue, it’s perhaps worth noting that there is in fact yet a third version of “The Truth According to Techdude.” This one from a previous “final report” over on Atlas Shrugs.

This is his report where he first makes the claim of a “phantom” image in the Obama COLB. In this report, he offers up this image showing where the phantom border is located.

I’d noted at the time that where he had his red lines drawn indicating where the original printing of the border was located didn’t “work.” If you lined up the left vertical bar of the border between his two vertical red lines on the left (I say “between” because the two lines were actually wider than the width of the border’s leg), the right outer edge of the border came up decidedly shy of where he had indicated it was supposed to have been.

In the Atlas Shrugs report, Techdude provides this image. The middle image shows “remnants” he was using to lay out his red lines for the vertical portion of the left leg of the border.

The short pair of vertical lines on the right show the “remnant” that he labeled number 11 in his TexasDarlin report. Although you’d think the pair to the left highlights what he labeled number 10, it’s out of place. This is what made the width of his vertical lines wider than the width of the border. In his recent report, he’s shifted the location of the leftmost edge of the border in order to reduce the width to match the width of the border of the Michele COLB.

He also has since shifted the position of the rightmost edge of the border, which was too far to the right in his Atlas Shrugs report. Instead of it running pretty much smack dab down the middle between the rightmost edge of the Obama border and the rightmost edge of the image, it’s now located closer to the rightmost edge of the Obama border in order for it to line up with the rightmost edge of the Michele border once he overlays it on the Obama image.

So just where the hell was the original printing located on this damn thing? Where Techdude said it was in his earlier Atlas Shrugs report? Where he said it was in his more recent TexasDarlin report? Or where he verifies KG says it was?

They can’t all be right.

To borrow a phrase from Techdude, if anyone still believes this whole phantom image thing isn’t a complete fabrication on the part of Techdude, they should seriously think about seeking professional help.