UPDATE: 24 minutes after writing the comment below, and after a legitimate question by John Q, TexasDarlin turned off all commenting.

The latest from TexasDarlin:

I believe Techdude is who he says he is. I have reason to believe that, but I am unable to disclose what that reason is because I promised to protect his privacy.

I also believe that Techdude has gone AWOL because of the threats he and his family received.

I have not heard from him for several days, so unfortunately do not have any additional information to report from him.

I had expected to receive the more detailed report by now but cannot control his actions, if he’s decided to go underground. I suspect he is scared. I can relate.

Oh no. It couldn’t possibly be because the guy’s a fraud who disappeared into the shadows once it was shown that his analysis and claims of Obama’s sister’s name being on the COLB ended up being nothing more than a wild fabrication. Oh no. It’s all those threats he and his family have received from those crazed Obama supporters out there.

Well, TexasDarlin says she believes he is who he says he is.

Ok. Given what has already been revealed, there are only two possibilities here. Either Techdude is in fact Adam Fink, or he is a fraud who was simply using Adam Fink’s bona fides to con TexasDarlin and Pamela Gellar into believing he actually had some sort of credibility (this assuming of course that neither of them were actually part of the con job).

Therefore, TexasDarlin must believe that Techdude is in fact Adam Fink.

Instead of wildly speculating that Techdude has gone underground because of threats made against him and his family, she can clear this whole matter up with one simple phone call.

Then, depending on the response she gets at the other end of the phone, she can come back and either reaffirm her belief that Techdude is who he says he is, or she can admit that she let herself be taken in by a fraud and apologize to her readers for ever having promoted him to them as “the REAL DEAL.”