Yesterday on TexasDarlin, in their breathless announcement that Republicans claim to have Obama’s birth certificate bearing the name “Barry Soetoro,” TexasDarlin writes this:

Thanks to Judah Benjamin for doing the ground-breaking research for this blog on Barack Obama’s Indonesian connection.

His work was the foundation for the theory, and provided affirmation of Polarik’s original findings that the COLB was forged.

Polarik? Gee, what happened to Techdude? You know, TexasDarlin’s previous darling, who broke the story that Obama had forged his certificate on top of his sister Maya’s certificate. Who TexasDarlin had assured her readers was “the REAL DEAL.”

Well, it seems that even TexasDarlin has her limits and has thrown the fabricating fraud known as Techdude under the bus.