If I’m going to be critical of TexasDarlin for things she’s done wrong, it’s only fair that I give her credit for doing something to rectify it.

Today TexasDarlin wrote this (among other things):

All information that we have received from Techdude has been published. We have not seen the rest of his evidence. At present, he is unavailable. Should he not respond promptly, we will remove his statements and findings. In the future, if we receive all of the documentation he promised and are able to prove that it’s credible, we will restore his reports.

Thank you.

And this:

I believe him to be a real forensics expert because his email communication came from a user and domain name that I checked out. I cannot reveal more without revealing his identity, which I promised to protect. But I did vet him to the best of my ability.

Fair ’nuff.

Though it should be noted that spoofing EMail addresses is rather trivially easy and is commonly used by spammers and others to deceive people. Lesson to be learned here: If you’re going to vet someone, never rely on their return EMail address to do it.

Next time, pick up the phone. ;)