Over at TexasDarlin, reader “texette” wrote:

I really would like to know whether the 61 beginning of the purported Selective Service number refers to his birth year, or to state coding. If state coding, I would like to know if it is based on the same coding used by Social Security. The number 61 is used by the Social Security Office for the state of California, where Obama went to school at Occidental. If 61 is a state number, maybe he needed a draft card and social security number for some requirement at the school, and applied for them both at the same time. That would, however, conflict with the statement that he applied for the selective service registration in Hawaii. Can anyone clarify any of these notions?

I replied to clarify texette’s notions, however TexasDarlin chose to not allow my clarification to be posted (though she has allowed some of my other comments to be posted, which just shows how schizophrenic her moderation is).

To answer texette’s question, the 61 refers to birth year. Obama was born in 1961. The number claimed to be his starts with 61. I was born in 1960, and the first two digits of my Selective Service number are 60 (60-0198106-4 to be precise). So it’s pretty clear that the first two digits are birth year, and not any sort of state code.

I’d also replied to a comment by bvm, and as with my reply to texette, TexasDarlin chose not to allow it to be posted. Her selectiveness in what posts of mine she allows and what posts she doesn’t allow seems geared toward perpetuating misinformation and suspicion rather than getting at the truth. This is doing a disservice to her readers.

Anyway, bvm had posted the following:

Theoretically Obama would have had to register in ‘79, my son registered in ‘02.

This is incorrect.

President Carter did not re-establish Selective Service registration (after Ford had terminated it in 1975) until July 2, 1980. And actual registrations did not begin until July 21, 1980 for those born in January, February and March of 1960. Registration for those born in 1961 didn’t begin until a week later.

So there’s no way Obama (or anyone else for that matter) would have had to register in ’79.