TexasDarlin has “broken” the story on a photograph first published some 18 months ago showing a registration document from a school Obama attended in Indonesia in January, 1968 which gave his religion as “Islam.”

Under “What It Means,” TexasDarlin lists:

3. Barack Obama was a Muslim, despite his “fight the smears” claim that he never has been.

To take this as being meaningful to any degree at all would require taking what Obama has said about his being a Muslim to such a literal degree as to be completely irrational (which isn’t surprising given that irrationality seems to be the common currency at TexasDarlin).

One’s religion is of one’s own mind. Not what your father writes on your school registration form, or what others may believe your religion to be based on their own religious beliefs.

And in January 1968, we’re talking about the mind of a six-year-old.

A six-year-old cannot legally consent to having sex.

And for good reason.

The mind of a six-year-old simply hasn’t developed to the point that they can make rational, informed decisions for such a thing. And even if a six-year-old believed what they were told about Islam, it’s no more meaningful than if they believed in Santa Claus.

And while most there are jumping up and down cheering, at least one reader seems to be rational and possess a little common sense. In the Fighting the Muslim “Smear” post, dekan writes:

The question is, what exactly makes a person Islamic?

Is being registered by your Muslim father in a public Indonesian school as a Muslim enough? Is that how low the bar is?

Or if you were read some passages from the Koran, does that make you a Muslim?

What about if you went to mosque with your father “rarely”?

I’ve read passages of the New Testament, and I’ve even been to church as a visitor. But I don’t think you would call me a Christian.

Did Barack Obama eat Halal for a period of time? Dedicate himself to the Muslim religion? Celebrate Muslim holidays? And most importantly of all self-identify as a Muslim?

These questions are harder to answer. By the time Barack was a pre-teen he was already being raised by his Christian grandparents.

I think the evidence that he was a Muslim is untenable.

Thank you, dekan.

TexasDarlin should change the title of her post to “Perpetuating the Muslim “Smear.”