Quoth Elliewyatt.

It’s worse than that, Ellie. The boy’s retarded.

Remember the signature stamp that was barely visible, even under heavy image enhancement? Remember how this amorphous blob was located way off to the left side of the COLB?

No, I don’t. I remember that the PD COLB had the signature stamp way off to the left. But not the signature stamp on the Obama COLB.

Well, now it’s clear as day, right smack dab in the middle with the date stamp riding directly above it. Not only are date stamps never placed right above the signature block on any existing COLBs was on the forged COLB.

Date stamps are never placed right above the signature block on any existing COLBs?

Is not the Michele COLB an “existing COLB”?

Here is the back side of the Michele COLB (which I had previously downloaded from Polarik’s own blog site):


Well what do you know? There’s the date stamp right above the signature block.

And as for the signature block on the Obama COLB being placed way to the left, this is a load of horse shit. The signature block on the Obama COLB (along with the date stamp) are in the same place that they are on the Michele COLB, approximately in the middle of the page.

To highlight the blue ink of the date and signature stamps, I pulled the FactCheck image into PhotoShop 5.0LE, went to Color Balanced, set it for Shadows and Preserve Luminosity, then pulled the Cyan/Red slider all the way to the right (+100) and the Magenta/Green slider all the way to the left (-100).

Here is the result after mirroring the image:


And here is the same image with some notations:


A is an area which has a concentration of rather indistinct blue ink.

B shows a vertical element.

C shows a rounded element.

D shows another vertical element.

E shows a somewhat rounded blob, followed by yet another vertical element, followed by another blob.

Next I cropped the date and image stamp from the image of the back of the Michele COLB, set it to approximately 50% transparency and overlaid it on the stamp1 image.


Here’s an animated GIF to help illustrate:


As you can see, A corresponds to the “I CERTIFY…” text block of the image stamp. B corresponds to the “l” in Alvin. C corresponds to the top of the “O” in Onaka. D corresponds to the upper portion of the “k” in Onaka. And E corresponds to the upper portion of “Ph.D.”

You can also see the signature stamp corresponds to other, less distinct elements.

Anyone who takes seriously anything Polarik has to say needs to have their head examined.