Here’s a laugh that’ll last you the weekend.

Over on Banana Republic Polarik writes:

The court in which I have presented a claim is the court of public opinion, which is solidly behind those who believe that this Obama COLB image is as phony as a $3 bill with Barack’s face on it.

Let’s see.

He has presented his claim on his own blog, where he has a track record of closing off comments when opinions aren’t in his favor. Check it out. I see an “Email It,” I see a “Print It,” I see a “Trackbacks,” and I see a “Flag as Offensive.” Don’t see no “Comment.”

He has presented his claim on TexasDarlin, who selectively censors comments posted there.

And he has presented his claim on Banana Republic, where within an hour of my having posted a thread addressing the claims made by Polarik and others, my account was suspended.

Court of public opinion?

What a joke.