In a comment to Dr. Neal Krawetz regarding Krawetz’s Bad Science: How Not To Do Image Analysis Part II, Polarik demands that Krawetz remove the article, print a retraction, and publicly apologize to him:

You have made slanderous accusations against my person, and have besmirched my character, by spreading lies and using deception to misrepresent my work.

You have falsely accused me of “tampering with images” and “manipulating evidence.” These are blatant lies.

You have also slandered and falsely accused me of “selectively ignored facts, and overlooked obvious findings. He has made over-reaching and gross assumptions, which vary from baseless to provable inaccurate.”

Yu have besmirched my nname by stating that “I have serious doubts about Polarik having a Ph.D., but he sure has a lot of BS.”

You are hereby directed to remove the offending post, “Bad Science: How not to do image analysis, Part II,” to print a retraction that will be distributed, and lastly, you will publicly apologize for the harm you have already caused me.

And the consequences if Krawetz refuses to comply to these demands? Will he be slapped with a multi-million dollar libel suit?

No no. Much worse than that.

Polarik will turn tattle-tale on him:

If you choose to ignore my demands, you risk being exposed to the world for the fraudulent actions you have taken.

That’s funny, I thought Polarik had already exposed to the world, on Free Republic and elsewhere, the fraudulent actions Krawetz has taken.

Or is Polarik referring to some other world?

Polarik’s bottom line?

You have until Thursday, December 17, at 6Pm to comply.

Stay tuned for the big showdown!